How to cook spanish chorizo

How to cook pork chorizo

The Royal Academy of the Language collected in 1726 a first definition of chorizo in the Dictionary of Authorities: “short piece of intestine, full of meat, usually pork, minced and marinated, which is usually cured in smoke”.

The spices are varied; in fact, it is not only one spice that impregnates the chorizo with its characteristic aroma, but it is the sum of several scents among which are garlic, pepper, cumin, bay leaf, thyme, onion, paprika or oregano.

A single piece that is tied with a rope at the ends so that it can be hung, hence its characteristic horseshoe shape. It has an intense flavor, this chorizo can be eaten raw, without cooking, since its curing is usually perfect.

A straight and not very wide piece -between three and four centimeters in diameter- that is usually about 40 centimeters long, which makes it have the shape of a candle (hence its name). It is not usually cooked and is eaten as it is in tables, tapas, sandwiches, etc.

How is chorizo eaten in Spain?

Chorizo in the kitchen: Recipes and pairings. Chorizo is a major player in Spanish cuisine, whether in sandwiches, tapas, stews and stews, sofritos, and countless other delicious dishes. The most classic and simple way to eat chorizo is in the form of tapas.

How is chorizo made?

The traditional process of elaboration of Chorizo:

Mixing and kneading of the meat with the spices. Resting and maceration. Stuffing of the dough in casing. Curing: they are tied and exposed to the air in a natural environment, choosing suitable places based on their temperature and humidity characteristics.

  Spanish mussels with chorizo

How do you eat chorizo?

Since Spanish chorizo is cured or smoked, it is not necessary to cook it for consumption and can be enjoyed cold in tapas. You can cook it on the grill to heat it and brown it.

Mexican chorizo pdf

Galician chorizo, as its name indicates, has its origin in Galicia. This land is known for its large pastures where they raise their pigs, as well as other animals, in the best way. Thanks to this care, their pigs enjoy exquisite meats for the palate.

Galician chorizo is made with pork, 50-70% lean meat and 30-50% bacon and fatty meat. An example of Galician chorizo is with ham, loin and bacon, however, depending on who makes it, it can be made with different types of meat. It is also seasoned with spices and sweet paprika, and can be consumed in different ways, raw, fried, grilled, boiled or roasted.

First of all, all the meat is minced on one side or the other and mixed well so that it has a homogeneous flavor. Then it is seasoned, normally with paprika, hot paprika and garlic, although as we have explained above it can vary.

The next step is to smoke them, and this is the way they use in Galicia, using a mixture of laurel and oak, cold smoking. This process is complex and takes quite a few hours to get a light flavor.

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Chorizo mexicano marcas

La morcilla con arroz es un clásico español. Aporta un sabor rico y ahumado a guisos y sopas, pero a nosotros nos encanta cortada en rodajas y hecha a la plancha o frita hasta que esté crujiente y servida con pimientos y huevos. Nuestra morcilla marca Peregrino está elaborada en EE.UU. por un español de nacimiento. Todos los condimentos son importados de España, incluido el aromático pimentón ahumado Pimentón de La Vera.Puede conservar la morcilla en el frigorífico hasta una semana, o en el congelador hasta 60 días. Cocer a una temperatura interna de al menos 160°F. Cada paquete contiene cuatro morcillas de 1 pulgada de grosor.

Tamaño de la ración: 56 g (2 oz). Porciones por envase unas 8. Calorías 130, Calorías procedentes de grasas 90. Grasas totales 4g (15%), Grasas saturadas 4g (19%), Grasas trans 0%, Colesterol 20mg (7%), Sodio 340mg (14%), Hidratos de carbono totales 6g (2%), Fibra alimentaria 0g (0%), Azúcares 0g, Proteínas 4g. Vitamina A 2%. Vitamina C 2%, Calcio 0%, Hierro 6%. *Los porcentajes de valores diarios se basan en una dieta de 2.000 calorías.

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Today we are going to cook a rice with chorizo and vegetables, one of those rice recipes that are finger-licking good. And we already know that rice can combine very well with an endless number of ingredients, being one of the most consumed products in the world.

This time I want to share a recipe that I learned from my friend Marisa, who by the way, has a good hand for cooking all kinds of rice. The thing is that since then I usually prepare this tasty rice from time to time because at home we all like it very much.

  Spanish rice with chorizo

Now we peel the garlic cloves and crush them in a mortar together with a spoonful of freshly chopped parsley and a pinch of salt. We will have to crush them well until we get a kind of paste.

In a wide casserole we put to heat a drizzle of olive oil over medium heat. We fry the onion, the carrot and the peppers all together for 5-6 minutes. Once the vegetables are poached, add the garlic paste that we have in the mortar, stir and fry everything together for a couple of minutes more.

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