Can you have chorizo when pregnant

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When a woman is pregnant, one of the first issues to be discussed is food. Among the different types of food, there are those that do not raise doubts (e.g. alcohol) and those that involve a debate that goes back and forth. And one of the most frequent debates is about sausages: can a pregnant woman eat sausages?

The answer to this question is, as on many occasions, it depends. There are sausages that can be eaten during pregnancy and there are those that should disappear from the diet for the duration of the pregnancy.

The problem lies in raw or semi-raw meat, as it may contain bacteria or parasites that can affect the baby. Not all bad bugs can cross the placenta and affect the baby, but these three can:

It is important to watch your diet because, while an adult is not at risk, the baby can be seriously harmed if infected by these diseases. For example, in case of contracting toxoplasmosis, the baby, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, may suffer from fever, blindness, congenital malformation and even, in the worst case, miscarriage.

What happens if you eat chorizo during pregnancy?

Why can’t pregnant women eat sausages? Raw or semi-raw meat from certain animals, such as pork, may contain bacteria or parasites capable of causing diseases, such as toxoplasmosis, which can overcome the placenta and affect the baby.

How to eat sausage during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can eat sausages. However, they must have been previously frozen for at least 24 hours, or cured for more than a year and a half, in the case of ham. In this way, it is possible to consume as much as one wishes.

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What happens if I eat blood sausage during pregnancy?

Sausages -morcilla, chorizo, sausage, longaniza- should be avoided. York ham, mortadella, unpasteurized soft cheeses, non-canned pâtés and turkey breast may contain a bacterium called Listeria, which is dangerous for the embryo.

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This implies that pregnant women usually suffer some food restrictions, based on the recommendations made by their doctors, in order to avoid possible infections and/or health problems. This affects the range of sausages.

The main reason is to avoid toxoplasmosis during pregnancy. This parasitic disease can be contracted through the consumption of raw/semi raw meats such as sausages and can cross the placenta affecting the baby.

This implies that, if we want to avoid toxoplasmosis infections, we should eliminate Serrano ham and other raw products from your diet, while increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Do you want to know more about how Serrano ham is prepared? You can read about it here and this way you will be able to better understand why it is not recommended for pregnant women.

The truth is that if the person has suffered from toxoplasmosis, he or she should have generated antibodies to this disease. Therefore, the consumption of sausages during pregnancy will depend on this factor and, as far as possible, you should choose quality products such as those you can find in our online sausage store.

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Hormonal changes in pregnancy

The doctor took advantage and emphasized vegetarian and vegan pregnant women, highlighting the “obligatory nature” of including the intake of supplements to maintain optimal levels of iron (from the beginning of pregnancy, with 30 mg/day) and B12 (25-100 mg/day). “Because we are what we eat less and also what our mothers ate,” she said.

If nutrition is essential before, during and after pregnancy, planning is also essential. However, 50% of couples do not prepare themselves and the other half “do not really take actions to improve their preconception state,” said Pilar Marín, a gynecologist at the Endometriosis Unit of the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca. She warned that before starting to look for a baby, an initial consultation should be requested, “in order to diagnose possible diseases and because we need a strong state of health to welcome a living being with a different immune system”.

Another vital recommendation is to set the alcohol and tobacco rate at zero-zero, due to their numerous negative effects. No distinctions, such as loose cigarettes to relax. “There is no evidence to support the claim that smoking a little bit calms anxiety,” he clarified.

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Yes, hair dyes do not penetrate the maternal organism and do not reach the fetus. Painting the walls of the baby’s room is not dangerous. Creams and ointments are not usually dangerous during pregnancy either, but if in doubt, consult your gynecologist.

You should avoid raw or undercooked meat because eating it can cause or transmit toxoplasmosis. Ham is safer the more cured it is: if it does not come from a reliable place it is better to avoid it, but if it is well cured you can eat it. It is necessary to avoid homemade sausages -morcilla, chorizo, longaniza-. York ham, mortadella, unpasteurized soft cheeses, non-canned pâtés and turkey breast can contain a bacterium called Listeria, which is dangerous for the embryo. Meats and sausages that have undergone industrial processing are safe. Eat neighborhood store products if you are sure that the temperature at which they are preserved is correct.

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Good quality cooked seafood is not dangerous. Toxoplasmosis is not transmitted through them. Fish -even raw- cannot be discouraged, but it is necessary to select those in which we are sure of their freshness.

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