How many calories in a slice of chorizo

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How many calories does a piece of chorizo have?

According to the nutritional information of chorizo, its calories range between 300 and 450 calories per 100 grams.

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How many calories are in 10 grams of chorizo?

The amount of calories in chorizo is 356 kcal. per 100 grams.

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Among the foods that we have available in our usual store or supermarket is chorizo sausage.  This food belongs to the group of sausages and is made from seasoned meat that is then stuffed into a casing to be packaged and marketed to the consumer who can choose to cook the chorizo on the grill or in the oven (as the most popular).

This article compiles information on the nutritional characteristics and other properties of chorizo as a summary for the consumer and even for those in charge of elaborating them. The information has been obtained from various sources and may not be totally accurate.

You can use this information to know the contribution of this or other foods in your diet. This can help you eat better by finding healthy and nutritious chorizo recipes, but remember to consult your doctor or a nutritionist before starting any diet or making drastic changes in your diet.

Below you can find information about the nutritional characteristics, properties and benefits that chorizo provides to your body, as well as the amount of each of its main nutrients.

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With cider, in a sandwich or as the star of an Iberian ham platter. It is one of the most loved sausages thanks to its special touch of paprika and its unmistakable flavor. However, many people are concerned about the calories in chorizo when it comes to weight loss or health control. In order to clear up any doubts, we are going to reveal which are the most important aspects when choosing whether to consume it or not.

We like to say that balance is the answer, and Olalla’s Iberian pork chorizos are well worth the experience. Discover Olalla’s delicious Iberian products in our online store and enjoy all the nuances of this “red gold”.

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